Mindfulness: the Rx for Better Decisions

As a typical conditioned American human I find red lights frustrating. The 3 second yellow light warning does little to stifle my urge to get “there” faster, doing more to instigate a swell of stress than safely direct traffic.

The inevitable fate of the red light strikes and there I am. Sitting. Waiting. Frustrated.

But why? Indeed, I am sure the neurobehavioral science exists to categorize and label the anxiety one feels at red lights. And to a certain degree I’ll bet you can relate with the feeling. My question is more introspective than that. Why bother feeling stressed at all about any frequent and casually observable phenomenon? And what is an alternative?

That is the subject of an article in the Holistic Dialogue.

…practicing mindfulness means to take the chance to see everything as if it was for the first time and not allow our illusion of knowing prevent us from being present to our experiences.

Practicing mindful awareness of events that unfold with the curiosity of a novice lends perspective on compulsory reactions to both trivial and serious situations alike. Recognizing and simply observing the components of an event help to recognize emotional responses that gum up a thoughtful solution. Taking these 7 Pillars into consideration helps to break down what we know, what we think we know, and purely what we observe.

Yellow light triggers – Not enough time to speed through safely – Slow the vehicle – Light turns red – vehicle comes to a stop – driver breathes – life moves on…

Now, imagine the effect on your next meeting, presentation, or performance review.

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