Intersection of Transformational Leadership and Humanity

Intersection of Transformational Leadership and Humanity

As originally referenced by ASTD, an article in The Hindu claims that Transformational leadership boosts employee well-being.  Isn’t that a bit like saying, if you listen to people, help them grow, and find meaning in their work, they’ll be happily more productive?  Or, maybe, if you turn on a light in a dark room, you’re more likely to see.  Kinda goes without saying; but it is gratifying that research, conducted in Germany, bears out this most reasonable assumption about human nature.

So, then, the link between Transformational Leadership and Humanity has been scientifically verified.  Maybe Dignity Health can add an image of that in their next commercial.  They are recreating their brand – with their new name (nee Catholic Healthcare West) – and now have a television commercial that contrast lack of humanity (well, certainly lack of civility) with folks who are compassionate, ready to help, and are responding to turbulence in a calm and sincere manner.  One might say, “equanimously.”

Reaching the competencies of Transformational Leadership requires studious, practiced effort.  TL mapped to DiSCTo some, TL seems to come more “naturally” (see the image, for instance, of the qualities of a transformational leader overlaid on the DiSC-like profile map), while others need to learn to adopt the characteristics of a transformational leader (see chart).TL chart  The images, by the way, are courtesy of c2e consulting (image) and Catalyst Consulting (chart).

One of the charts reviewed (but not posted) integrates the leadership and management functions (intersecting Venn circles), which is a necessary perspective on Transformational Leadership.  At Workforce Equanimity, WE distinguish between the management function as the relationship between managers and direct reports (including all of the operational decisions that need to be made to reach departmental goals) and leadership, which entails vision, alignment, and enablement aspects needed to set and maintain direction.  Since leadership can occur at any level of the organization, this includes named leaders, managers, and individual contributors who demonstrate these characteristics.

How do you define “Transformational Leadership?  Have you experienced these results, in your workplace?

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