Dr. Larry Hiner


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Dr. Larry Hiner – Partner

Dr. Hiner enjoys over 30 years’ experience in education, healthcare, and technology.  He has worked for major universities as teacher and administrator and has served in senior roles for industry leaders such as The Content Group and IBM, leading successful eLearning, content, and knowledge management projects.

A Learning Strategy comprises two essential sentiments: 1) it is grounded in the goals and aspirations of the organization; and 2) it unrelentingly enables employees to excel in their daily work, as well as in their professional lives.

Dr. Hiner is currently focused on addressing some of the pressing issues facing the industry in the 21st century by applying principles of postmodern organizational learning.  In 2007, he completed requirements for a PsyD in Organizational Psychology at the Professional School of Psychology, including a dissertation on innovation and leadership. Dr. Hiner has earned national certifications as Counselor and Executive Coach.

To effectively manage the turbulence in the workplace and the marketplace today, the entire workforce absolutely must develop as lifelong learners, increasing their awareness, mindfulness, personal professional development and knowledge management competencies.

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