Dr. María Calderón Romero

Dr Maria

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Dr. María Calderón Romero – Associate Partner

Dr. María Calderón Romero (Dr. Maria) has over 20 years’ experience working with State Government and healthcare as a data consultant and research specialist. She enjoys collaborating with colleagues to fully appreciate (understand, value, perform) and consider the principles of postmodern organizational learning when discussing challenges in their workplace. Dr. María recognizes the importance of enabling each individual to optimize their own learning experiences to feel meaningful in their workplace. She is passionate about enabling others to learn insights about their own biases and assumptions, perspectives, and to learn to be more mindful of what is really happening internally (within themselves) and externally in the workforce.

Meaning cannot come from our organization’s mission statement, vision statement, and/or strategic plan. Its meaning needs to be sought through meaningful dialogue and reflection by having courage to ask questions openly. -Alan Briskin

Dr. María received her Psy.D in Industrial/Organization Psychology from the Professional School of Psychology, Sacramento in 2007. She authored her dissertation on Executive Coaching with Executive Latinas. Dr. María has earned a national certification as an Executive Coach and received her MPA from Maxwell School of Public Administration, Syracuse University.

Workforce Equanimity is for everyone that wants to make a positive, life-long commitment to enable themselves and others to bring internal emotional or mental stability to their workplace and personal lives.

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