Mindful Leadership

Business Objective

Enable leaders to mindfully envision, align, and enable employees to maximize productivity.



Creating, adjusting, and articulating a clear and timely Vision.

Align levels of the organization to understand the vision.

Enable employees by leveraging and growing their strengths to meet the vision.

Establish a practice of mindfulness to clearly inform the decision making process.




Creative thinking

Collaborative leadership



Innovative thinking

Managing change



Strength recognition

Strategic communication 

Turbulence management



Experience – 1 hr Workshop – 3 hr Retreat – 6 hr
Mindfulness Exercise

Defining Your Challenge

21st Century Leadership

Estimating Your DiSC Style and Overview

Meeting Your Challenge with Strength – Yours

Challenging Assumptions

Meeting Your Challenge with Strength – others

Action Plan

Intro to the Community of Practice

Mindful Leadership Experience plus

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders© Assessment Included ($80 Value)

Estimating Others’ DiSC Styles

Relating Challenges to DiSC Style

Intro to DiSC Comparison Reports

Intro to Additional DiSC Reports & Tools

Enhanced mindfulness exercise

Detailed Action Planning with SMART Goals

One Individual Coaching Follow-up Call (30 min)

Mindful Leadership Workshop plus

Advanced use of Comparison DiSC Reports

Comparison report utilization practice

Group Culture Report & Team Report

Guided skills practice

Starter Lesson – Mindful Meditation

Work/life integration

Problem Resolution using DiSC

Defining and Pursing Right Work

Developing a Personal Roadmap

Three Individual Coaching Follow-up Calls (30 min each)

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