Mindful Teams

Mindful Teams is conducted in a workshop format with up to 18 team members.  Using the Everything DiSC® Workplace and Everything DiSC® Manager assessments plus team building activity tools by RSVP Design as a foundation, this workshop will help your team:

  • Discover the meaning of DiSC® styles
  • Identify your style and explore the priorities that drive you during your workday
  • Develop skills in recognizing peoples’ DiSC styles based on their behavioral cues
  • Discover your reactions to different DiSC® styles
  • Identify what works for you and what challenges you when working with each style
  • Learn how others have bridged their differences using DiSC®
  • Explore innovative team building tools from RSVP Design

Introducing Everything DiSC®

  • The most in-depth, easily customizable DiSC®-based workplace-training solution available.
  • Everything DiSC® helps people build more effective relationships – one relationship at a time. It can be used by everyone in an organization, regardless of title or role, to improve the quality of the workplace.

Inscape Authorized Distributor

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