What, When, How of Training

An Instructional Pre-Design Workshop

What is it that the participants really need to learn, which will lead to positive business outcomes?  And how will that be measured?

When, in the workflow cycle, is the right time to provide learning support?

How will you deliver the training – using what types of learning activities?

Once you’ve addressed these questions, you will be prepared to design the learning activities themselves.  We can show you how in this 1-2 hour workshop.

  • Tie training directly to business outcomes.
  • Provide support across the entire workflow.
  • Enable employees to be more effective.
  • Invest a little – reap a lot!

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I attended the What, When, How…Workshop with the rest of my work group. I loved the way Larry tied learning activities to business objectives while at the same time mapping the activities to Mosher’s Moments of Need. True synchronicity! I learned a lot and would definitely recommend this workshop to others.

– Sarah Ryan-Roberts, eLearning Specialist at SMUD, Sacramento, CA

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